We are an organization that likes competition, we look for talent all over the spectrum to help and promote. Take a chance with us it might turn out good. The name loser is enduring, you have a chance of getting a free professional review with your submission at the very least, which would be well worth $13.00. Talk to us tell us what you expect, there are no refunds, but we promise to go the extra mile.
Okay if you want to build passion, that is what we're all about. This is philosophical gaming in the book world. Anything goes up to 300,000 words any book we can advertise on our site goes, except we do not accept erotica. We will also do a few free reviews to amazon or any other legal site at owners request with submissions for the winners and a lucky few, to give you a drive even if you lose. There is one Diamond grand prize winner of $100.00 and all their books can be hosted on this site, www.LoservilleEngineering.com. A Gold first place winner of $50.00 plus their only winning book will be hosted. As well as five Honor awards with their winning books hosted. Please remove any name identifiers from what you submit. We accept .doc, .docx, .rtf  Please publish your content, even if it isn't done, under a different name. Then at amazon.com on their kindle. Its free and choose worldwide rights if it is yours and choose the check box that asks if they want to look out for copies of your work. That way your stuff is copyrighted and it won't hurt anything because you can take it off and it is still copyrighted. We do write books, but we don't want yours. If your wondering why so broad of a contest lets heighten the winning criteria original, passion, ground-breaking, timeless, emotional, thoughtful, and funny. Some action doesn't hurt also.
Loserville Engineering Limited